Why Centrum Has No Competition?

Why Centrum Has No Competition?

While competition has been stiff in recent years, the most renowned multivitamin brand in Pakistan, in terms of market share, was and still remains to be Centrum. In this article, we delve deeper into the issue and attempt to compile some of the reasons which make Centrum such a force to reckon with in the Pakistani multivitamin supplements’ market.


Centrum, one of the world’s leading multivitamin supplement brand, caters to a wide array of consumers, ranging from mid-age to elderly adults. The vast variety of products which the company offers seems to be the driving force behind its success in the Pakistani market. Centrum offers multivitamin pill varieties to men and women, according to the age groups which they fall in.

Another reason to which the company’s success can be attributed to is the fact that it has, over the years, positioned itself as a brand which is sensitive to its customers’ demands and preferences. Centrum primarily produces swallow-able pills which can be taken with water or swallowed raw. However, for those who have trouble swallowing, it offers a range of multivitamins in the form of chewing gum, and this adds to the convenience of its customers.

A third factor which gives Centrum a competitive edge is the fact that one Centrum multivitamin pill is likely to constitute all the necessary vitamins which the relevant age group requires in their dietary supplement pill. And while this sounds like a very basic trait, it is something which the company’s competitors have not yet been able to master, making Centrum the current leader of the Pakistani multivitamin supplements’ market share.

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