Does ONC Whey Protein Have Competition in Pakistan ?

Does ONC Whey Protein Have Competition in Pakistan ?

The use of protein supplements has recently been on the rise in Pakistan, with trainers, athletes and gym instructors recommending their use. As a result of the rise in demand, competitors have been fighting tooth and nail to grasp the protein supplement market share in the country.

So does the ONC Whey Protein have any competition in Pakistan? And if it does, how well does it perform as compared to other brands trying to penetrate the market?

As of now, the main competitors to ONC’s whey protein products are the plant-based protein supplements which the brand ON is selling. ON’s marketing campaign is based on the fact that it provides healthier, more beneficial protein produced from plants while other brands such as ONC sell milk-based whey protein. This begs another question- are plant-based protein supplements better than whey protein?

The answer really depends on one’s choice and health requirements. While plant protein products are more environmentally friendly, are digested comparatively easier and offer better services to those who are lactose intolerant, several professional athletes and trainers still prefer milk-based whey protein.



Coming back to our original query of whether ONC whey protein has competition in the Pakistani market, the answer is yes, it most certainly does. But nothing less is to be expected at a time when the country’s protein supplement market is ripe for takeover, and ONC’s whey protein products must be aware of that.

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