Difference between Famicol 500mg and Famicol Forte

Difference between Famicol 500mg and Famicol Forte

Famicol 500mg is basically a dietary supplement that contains Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 10% GLA with Vitamin E. This oil is extracted from the evening primrose plant. EPO includes nutrients that are essential for body growth. These nutrients include omega-6 fatty acids. Lack of these fats leads to hormonal fluctuations. These fluctuations ultimately lead to cyst and acne.

Evening Primrose Oil has a lot of benefits, including improvement of overall skin health. EPO helps in reducing breast pain and eases eczema. Moreover, it decreases the blood pressure from a higher rate to an average rate. Therefore, Famicol can help in improving overall body condition.

Famicol 500mg capsules help in improving your skin health, heart health, hormonal balance, and diabetic health. Moreover, it enhances fertility and helps in reducing the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Also, this medication helps in relieving menstrual pain in women. Hence, Famicol helps in strengthening your body against diseases.


On the other hand, we have Famicol Forte, which contains EPO 1000mg as compared to Famicol, which contains EPO 500mg. Famicol Forte also contains EPO, which is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acid that has a lot of benefits. This medication is used for a high dosage of EPO.

Famicol Forte can help improve hormonal balance and female fertility. It has also proven to be successful in helping menopausal symptoms, PMS, eczema, diabetic neuropathy, acne, hair problems, breast pain, and arthritis. Furthermore, these tablets can help sleep and also relief from disturbance of mood.

However, overdosage of EPO might cause many problems. Therefore, using this medication is not recommended for everyone due to the high concentration of EPO in it. The side effects of overdosage of EPO include upset stomach, diarrhoea, nausea, or headache. Therefore, you should take these tablets as prescribed by your doctor.

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